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Since 1998, STONEWORLD COMPANY has grown from the four original quarries to over eighteen quarries today. With quarries in northern Arizona (for our Sandstone and Flagstone), New Mexico for our Travertine, and Mayer, Arizona for our Arizona Onyx, we can supply our products direct from our own quarries, to you.

FLAGSTONE - We produce Arizona Flagstone in eight different colors. Available as Select, Patio, 1" minus, heavy, and snapped veneer stone.

ONYX - Our Onyx quarry, located about an hour north of Phoenix in Mayer, Arizona, produces two colors of onyx.  Grand Canyon Onyx, with brown, red, white and green, and Black Canyon Onyx, with black, gray, dark brown and white. Originally used as interior ornamentation for Ford Motor Co., it closed during the Great Depression, and laid dormant for over 70 years.

TRAVERTINE - Located in New Mexico, our Travertine quarry produces two distinctive colors: Beige and Buckskin. The color range of our Beige Travertine is quite broad and can take on several different looks based on the application and finish, ranging from an almost milky white to gold. Our Buckskin has a more golden yellow tone that is fairly consistant throughout.

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